June 7th, 2004

Music Game

All right, here’s the deal. The official rules are “On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favourite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.” (Props.)

Here are mine:

1. You’ll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of holly

2. I saw you walk across the room for maybe the last time, I don’t know

3. Hold on to my hands, I feel I’m sinking, sinking without you

4. Give these lovin’ arms one more try

5. I used to live alone before I knew ya

6. To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny

7. Only a man in a funny red sheet Looking for special things inside of me

8. I’ve dreamt so long I cannot dream anymore Let’s run away, I’ll take you there

9. It’s the perfect time of year somewhere far away from here

10. But this voice keeps whispering In my other ear, tells me I may never see you again

11. Thanks for the joy that you’re given me I want you to know I believe in your song

12. In tales of ancient glory, Every knight and maiden fair shall be joined when the quest is over

13. Well, I’ve been afraid of changing ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you

14. I have a picture pinned to my wall – An image of you and of me and we’re laughing with love at it all

15. Somehow I’ll show you that you are my night sky

16. She’s a good girl, crazy ’bout Elvis

17. I wish you could swim like the dolphins-like dolphins can swim

18. I thought I was being cool Yeah, I thought I was being strong

19. Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti

20. He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich

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