May 7th, 2004


It’s the end of my birthday, and what a birthday it was!

I talked to several good friends today, which is always the best part of a birthday. I got e-mails from family and friends, and I talked to my Mom, too.

But you want to know the weirdest and wackiest part of the day? Lots of people from the THorum got together and did my birthday up like you ain’t never seen!

Get this – people from all over the world got together, collected money over the Internet, had a cake (almost) delivered to me, and are sending me a Best Buy gift certificate!

“All over the world? you ask.

Yes! Mostly from the States (Washington, Texas, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Florida, and more!), but also from Canada (Nova Scotia!) and even Luxembourg (it’s in Europe…). I think there might be a couple of other countries represented, but I’m not completely sure. Sorry if I left anyone out!

I even got immortalized (sorta) in a comic! That’s me in the first panel in the background there – the one with “Mup” on his shirt.

“Wait!” you say. “What do you mean by ‘almost delivered’?”

Well, they had it all set up to be delivered, but the bakery messed up – they said they couldn’t find my place. Well, I was informed of the situation, and I said I would go pick it up. The bakery’s only a few blocks from here, which makes it all the stranger that they couldn’t find me. Oh, well. I got a nice German chocolate cake out of the deal, so it’s all good!

Thank you to everyone who had a part in my 32nd birthday. You made it memorable!

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