May 23rd, 2004


Well, that was fun.

The show went very well. It wasn’t a sold-out crowd, but it was pretty full. Everything went rather smoothly, and it was all over much too quickly.

Here’s the list of games we played (My team was Red):

What Are you Doing?: Red vs. Blue, head to head. Our team won, but it had little to do with me. Note to self: go earlier in the round so that you don’t have to do a topic and two letters.

Forward Reverse (Blue) vs. Slide Show (Red): The Blue team did a scene involving parachuting over the Alps and out Slide Show was of a dream involving going to the moon with Gloria Steinem. I thought we did a pretty good job, but the audience judges voted 2-1 for Blue.

Revolving Door (Red) vs. Audition (Blue): In our game, each person on the team has a key word – when that word is spoken, that person needs to either enter or exit the scene, depending on where (s)he is at the time, and justify the entrance/exit. Our topic was “a bank,” so we did a robbery. Blue’s game was an audition for a made-up play, with one person telling the others how to play their part, including accents, mannerisms, and the like. We won this round 3-0.

Five Things (Red): We needed to get one of our team members to guess five things that we could only act out through mime and gibberish. I don’t remember them all, but we had to try and get our teammate to guess that she was eating worms and dirt (she guessed it), swordfighting with Jonny Depp (she didn’t guess it, largely because I can’t do a Jonny Depp impression to save my life, and the thing I was trying to do (his character from Pirates of the Caribbean) she wouldn’t know because she hadn’t seen the movie), playing baseball using a sledgehammer for a bat and a watermelon for a ball (she guessed it), and two more things I don’t remember. In all, we got her to guess three of the five things.

Chain Death Murder (Blue): This game is like the game of Telephone you used to play as a kid where you’d start a phrase in a circle and see how it sounded when you got to the end, except the first person is acting things out using only mime and gibberish. The first person was trying to get across that the murder had taken place on a highway, the person’s occupation was a taxidermist, and the murder weapon was a postage stamp. Then the second person tried to get that to the third, and the third to the fourth. The murder weapon got all the way down, but the location and occupation did not.

Grand Inquisitor (Red vs. Blue): We can only speak in questions. I think we won this one, too, but I didn’t help much. I got “Oslo, Norway” as a topic, and after mentioning lutefisk, I was pretty much done. Bah.

World’s Worst (Red vs. Blue): A topic is given and we had to some up with an example of the world’s worst whatever it was. The Blue team got more points in this game, but not enough.

Red won, which isn’t that big a deal, except that I got presented with a shovel. Granted, they called it “The Silver Shovel,” but it was still just a shovel.

Very fun.

And, to top it off, I was asked to join the troupe! Huzzah! I only vaguely have a sense for what I’ve signed up for here, but I’ll guess we’ll see how it goes, eh?

Thanks for all your well-wishes!

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