May 17th, 2004

Keep In Touch

It’s funny the great lengths I’ll go to to be reachable by people. I have 5 or 6 active e-mail accounts, a cell phone, and IM clients open 24 hours a day. You want me? You got me.

Strangely, I don’t hear from people much. I get less than a phone call a day. I get a few business-related e-mails a day, but very few personal e-mails. IMs see the most action.

And even though I don’t get much contact from people, I still check. My cell phone doesn’t get a signal inside any of the schools where I work, so I’ll check my voicemail every so often “just in case.” There’s never a case.

I leave my IM client open even when I can’t chat, just to see if I’ll get buzzed.

So when I’m going to be AFK most of the day (like today), I feel the need to tell someone. “Hey! You won’t be able to get me today! Just in case you were gonna!”

So, yeah, I’ll be gone most of the day, without even an IM client open. There’s that whole “E-Mail Me” link to the side there if you get desperate. I’m fairly good about writing back – even to that nice who suggested I “get a life.”

Have a good day, friends.

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