April 6th, 2004


You know what Tuesdays are, right? They’re Best Buy days!

Every Tuesday after work, I stop at Barnes & Noble to get a hot chocolate, and I take it over to Best Buy and drink it whilst I wander about. The stores are right next to each other, so that’s not as difficult as you might think.

Tuesdays are the day to go to Best Buy for a few reasons:

1) New stuff is released on Tuesdays. I don’t know why, but movies and CDs get released on Tuesdays.

2) It’s right on my way home from work on Tuesdays.

3) Every day’s a good day to go to Best Buy, so with the previous two reasons, it just makes sense.

The big release for today, of course, is The Matrix: Revolutions. Not really the best movie, but if you’ve got the first two, I think there’s a law that says you have to get the third one. I think Ben Franklin sponsored that law…

Sometimes, just for fun, I’ll wander into an area at Best Buy that I don’t usually go to. See, normally there are a few main areas I hit: Computer peripherals, Computer software, Video Games, Movies, and maybe CDs. So, to mix it up a little, sometimes I’ll wander into Appliances or Furniture. It’s a very rare day that I wander into Phones or Care Stereos, but it’s happened.

Best Buy is kind of like a zoo for geeks. We (the geeks) walk around and go, “Oooh! Look what that one does!” The video cameras will mimic us, just like monkeys. If there’s a really good sale, it’s kind of like a feeding frenzy. And the friendly Best Buy people are like the managers of the petting zoo part – “Here! Try it out! This one has 5 megapixels!”

It’s kind of like a place to unwind. If I could get them to start selling Starbucks’ hot chocolate, I could save myself some trouble.

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