April 19th, 2004

Not My Day

I went to the grocery store this evening because I’m out of towels, so I need quarters so I can wash towels for tomorrow. While I was there, I figured I’d get some milk, too, for all this cereal I’ve got laying around.

So I go to the grocery store that also has a branch of my bank, get $20 out of the ATM, and go to the Customer Service window. On arrival, I am told they don’t have enough quarters and cannot sell me any. Grrrrrrr. I went and looked at their selection of Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea, but decided not to buy any because I was bugged by the lack of quarters.

So I went to Wal-Mart, but first to Burger King. They’ve recently moved the Burger King into a new building, so I took a few wrong turns getting to it. Grrrrrrr #2. I ordered a hamburger with only ketchup and mustard, and a medium chocolate shake. As I’m driving away and digging into my burger, I find that a) it’s a cheeseburger, b) there is no ketchup nor mustard on it, and c) there are pickles on it. The cheese I could handle. I only don’t order cheeseburgers because they’re more expensive. The lack of ketchup and mustard bugged me, but I could’ve dealt with that. The addition of pickles, though, was inexcusable. Pickles are the main reason I say the words “only ketchup and mustard.” (Someday I will regale you with the tale of why pickles bother me so much.) Grrrrrrr #3.

On to Wal-Mart. The service desk doesn’t have quarters available, but the CSM does, so they escape a Grrrrrrr. I pick up an end table/magazine rack I’ve had my eye on for a while, and then get some Minute Maid Raspberry Passion (never had it before, thought I’d try it). Now I’m headed to the milk…and they don’t have half-gallons. Grrrrrrr #4. I get a whole gallon and head home.

Four Grrrrrrrs equal an irritated Mup. I’m a little crabby right now. But do you want to know something else? When I got home, I discovered I did have towels, I just hadn’t put them away properly so I didn’t see where they were. I could have avoided the whole mess…

Major Grrrrrrr.

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