March 18th, 2004

Weekend Plans

I always hate it when I realize I either haven’t posted in a few days or I haven’t posted anything worthwhile in a few days. I realize “worthwhile” is a subjective term, but you know what I mean.

I’m going up to Wisconsin this weekend – it’s my dad’s birthday. It gets harder and harder to buy things for dads, doesn’t it? The best thing to do is to start some sort of hobby for them and help them along with it on holidays and birthdays. He’s been a mechanic for longer than I’ve been alive (about 32 years now), but I’ll never buy him a car-related thing. How could I? I don’t know Thing One about cars, much less what he could possibly want that was car-related. I think he has just about everything in that department.

Books are a good idea, but it’s hard to pick out a good one. You don’t want to get one unless you’ve read it, or you might have to explain why you got that particular book. Could be embarrassing. “Self help” books send that “I think you could be better” message that you really want to avoid.

Movies are tough, too. My dad doesn’t really watch a lot of movies – in fact, I have a hard time imagining my dad doing anything leisurely. Any “spare” moment he had was spent fixing a neighbor’s car or the church bus or something. He’s a really good mechanic, and I’m not just saying that. He’s got the awards to prove it, though he would tell you the awards don’t mean anything.

For Christmas I got him and Mom a DVD player, so I’m leaning in the direction of some sort of TV show compilation set. Probably something British, like P.G. Wodehouse. He really liked those books, and I think he liked the show…maybe I’ll get a gift receipt to go with that.

So I’ll be away from the ol’ blog for a day or two. I might write whilst in Wisconsin if I get the inspiration and the inclination. We’ll see how it goes.

Be good.

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