March 28th, 2004


I’ve established that I went to Panda Express today. Their orange chicken is just about the only Chinese food I’ll eat. There was a Chinese place in Wisconsin that had the absolute best crab rangoons I’ve ever eaten, but everywhere else I’ve tried crab rangoons, they’ve made me a little ill.

I also love fortune cookies. Love, love, love them. Not for the fortunes – for the taste. I love the taste of fortune cookies. I’ve met very few people who are like me in this regard. I’m amused by the fortunes inside, but if they weren’t in there, I’d still eat the cookies.

So here was my fortune from today’s cookie:

“A smile is your personal welcome mat.”

On first read for most people, that sounds pretty good. My smile is a way to tell people that they can talk to me, I’m friendly, come on in. But that’s not the way I read it. I read it to mean that my smile invited people to walk all over me.

I’m turning into quite the negative person.

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