February 24th, 2004


You know the type, right? You say “I just bought a 2.5 Ghz computer with an 80 Gb hard drive” and his immediate response is “Yeah, I bought a 3.1 Ghz computer last week that has dual 120 Gb hard drives in it.” These people can be found in all areas of life, not just computer-related stuff.

Well, the guys over at Penny Arcade (Disclaimer: they frequently use bad language, so I don’t recommend it) have come up with a phrase that describes this sort of person perfectly. Here’s the paragraph:

You have probably been to LAN parties where – when relating some marvelous thing you had done – there is always somebody who has to say they did what you did, only way better and it was super cool. That person suffers from TCC, the condition known as Two Clown Complex. It is derived thusly: imagine that you will have a clown at your birthday party. Should this joyous event be overheard by a person in the throes of TCC, they must declare that they will have not one but two clowns, in addition to a bouncy castle.

Two Clown Complex. My new favorite way to refer to a one-upper.

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