February 19th, 2004


My evening disappeared!

I sat down to watch Seinfeld around 7:00 last night, and the next thing I knew, it was 11:00. I fell asleep, apparently. I didn’t even get to watch Seinfeld.

I haven’t checked the DVR to see if it got Smallville for me. I told it to, but I’m never sure if it’s going to listen to me. Besides, there was a basketball game on beforehand, and that can mess up a TV schedule like nothing else. DVRs don’t handle changes like that very well.

Here’s the odd thing – somewhere along the line, Brandy called me to get me to play iSketch. I vaguely remember her calling, but I had no idea what I said. I asked her on IM this morning, and she laughed at me. She said I was out of it and that I would start sentences and not finish them. I feel I need to go on record at this time and say that I do not drink alcohol nor do I take medications of any kind. I rarely use cough syrup, even. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t take my multivitamin yesterday, so maybe that’s it. Of course, my general lack of sleep may have had something to do with it, too.

This morning my computer screen had a few IM invitations to play iSketch from last night. Sorry, folks. I feel I’ve let you down.

I feel very rested this morning. That’s bad, though, because it means I’ll probably be up until all hours tonight.

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