February 23rd, 2004

As Advertised

I have had a slow shower drain for a while now, and it finally pushed me too far. I got some of that Drano Max Gel that you see advertised. “It’s thicker than water, so it sinks right to the problem!” or some such nonsense. “More control in pouring!” is also touted as a special feature.

Turns out, regardless of whether all that is true, it really does the trick. The drain is as fast as ever now. It was well worth the $3.17 I spent on it, and I wish I had purchased and used it sooner.

Here’s the trick, though: have at least a little trickle of water going in at the same time. I tried just pouring the gel into the drain, but it plopped over the drain cover and then slowly sort of bubbled into the drain, like some demented space blob returning to its home. Running some water over it seemed to help, so I let a stream run while I poured the rest and that seemed to facilitate matters.

It’s got me thinking though. What if all other advertisements are true? This could have life-changing ramifications! I really can have a Whopper my way? I really can buy a car with no money down? I really can have a secure home network? Folks, I don’t have to tell you – I’m a little bowled-over by all of this. Bear with me as I regain my footing, won’t you?

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