January 19th, 2004


I’ve gone off and left my cell phone at home. Irritated I am. Not that it matters – not only does my phone not work in the buildings I’m in all day, I rarely get phone calls.

It’s no secret that I mention Seinfeld on this blog a whole lot more than I mention The Muppet Show. I either need to remedy that or rename the blog, I suppose.

Here’s a quote about video games from the website Penny Arcade that I thought was interesting. I can’t necessarily recommend PA to everyone because they tend to use salty language on a frequent basis, but I really liked this paragraph. It refers specifically to the fact that you can play games on an XBox against other people on the Internet:

The next time someone starts talking about how bad Vice City is, as though it were the only game in existence, as though game consoles were only capable of that single experience and nothing peripheral to it, I really do want the opportunity to ask them – please, name another game. Name one other game that you know about. No, it’s not a trick question. Well, it is, if by “trick question” you mean “question designed to make you look like an idiot.” I wonder if they even know that far, far from Vice City, past even the Vice suburbs, that the same machine can allow a father and son – separated by three hundred miles and thirty years – the chance to play a round of golf together, for no good reason other than its being Tuesday.

The Colts lost yesterday, and I felt very bad about it. Their last two games were amazing, and it was easy to think they’d continue that streak right on through the Super Bowl. Alas. I blame Brandy. She was calling me for computer help yesterday while the game was on, and every time she called the Colts would get an interception or a penalty or something. Her husband’s a Patriots fan, so that may have had something to do with it. Regular readers (ha!) will recall that I am a Dallas Cowboys fan for life and may wonder why I care about the Colts. I have no good answer except to say that I’ve never had an AFC team I liked and it was about time and the Colts have had a few good seasons now and I live in the area. Good enough for you? I’m just glad the Panthers beat the hated Eagles. And, really, the only reason I hate the Eagles is because they’re in the same division as Dallas. I should hate the Panthers, as they knocked Dallas out of the playoffs, but I do like saying, “Well, yeah, Dallas lost, but look who they lost to! The Super Bowl Champions!” So, goooooooooooooooooo Panthers!

I went to the doctor on Friday about my foot. He has recommended I wear some leather-ish insoles from Dr. Scholl’s to alleviate the pain I’ve been having for a few months in my left foot. He doesn’t think it’s a stress fracture, rather, he believes it to be the joint in between the blah-blah and the hoo-doo. I have no idea what the actual names of the bones are, so those’ll have to do for you. I have yet to purchase the insoles, as that requires walking around, something I’m not fond of.

So the big question is: at lunch, do I go buy the insoles or go home and get my phone? Right now “insoles” is winning out over “phone” by a handy 3-1 margin.

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