January 6th, 2004


I lost some of my Dreamcast games. My best ones. I lost NFL 2K2, NHL 2K2, World Series Baseball 2K2, Tennis 2K2, Rippin’ Riders, and Soul Caliber. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I put them in a CD wallet and took them with me over Thanksgiving, played them, and then brought them back – I’m sure of it. Except, I can’t find them. The CD wallet is MIA. All of my memory cards and cords are here, but not those games. I went back to WI over Christmas, so I did some more looking around up there, thinking I had left them. Nope. Can’t find ’em. They’re history.


While I am planning to buy an XBox at some point, I’m not prepared to do that for a while. Besides, I’m attached to these games. The Dreamcast was the best system I’ve ever owned. I remember the first night I got it and a bunch of friends came over to see it. Our jaws collectively dropped when we saw the realistic football players beating the realistic snot out of each other.

So I bought replacement copies of “NFL 2K2” and “Rippin’ Riders,” two of the three “must haves” off my list. “Soul Calibur” will have to wait for a while – since it was the best game ever released for the Dreamcast, used copies are still rather pricey.

While it’s great to have these two games back, it’s not the same. These aren’t the copies I’ve been playing for years. You might be able to replace the media, but some things are irreplaceable.

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