January 23rd, 2004


I couldn’t let this day go by without comment…

I found a new cereal today – Smorz. Most of you won’t recall my previous entry about cereal, but I go to great lengths to tell you how Cinnamon Life is a superior cereal to plain old Life. Well, not great lengths, but I do mention it. I then clumsily make an effort to make that an allegory for your life and how you should add some “cinnamon” to it because cinnamon makes everything better. I still think cinnamon is great, and I haven’t had any in a while, and I’m about due. Maybe there’s a trip to Cinnabon in my near future…that Makara cinnamon is good stuff.

Anyway, cereal. One of my favorite cereals of all time was S’mores Crunch, made by General Mills, I believe. They were a modified version of Golden Grahams, having the same type of main cereal bit, rendered in chocolate, and with marshmallows added. Good stuff. I haven’t had any in years, and I suspect it’s no longer made. So when I saw this Smorez business, I decided to give it a try.

My verdict? It’s okay. I don’t like it as much as S’mores Crunch, but I will most likely buy this cereal again.

But it won’t replace Cinnamon Life. I don’t think anything ever will.

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