December 11th, 2003

Bactrian or Dromedary?

With the holiday season upon us, I am struck by this thought: wouldn’t it be cool to be able to store up food?

Think about the last time you ate a lot. I mean a really lot. Like, you were so stuffed you could hardly move and the thought of eating anything else caused you to crinkle up your face in disgust and say, “No way! I’m not eating for a week!”

What happened the very next day? You ate. Maybe a lot.

Camels are able to go for weeks without water if they’ve been able to store up. I wish I could store up on food and go for a while without having to eat. Sleeping and eating are two of the biggest wastes of time I know. Eating with someone is okay, but it’s not about the eating, it’s about being with them. Many a good time has been had around a table: funny times, special times, sad times. Food is usually involved in a lot of your memories, have you noticed that?

I’m guessing if I could store up food, I might look funny – probably swell up after storing up, and then get gradually thinner as time drew near to fill up again. Does that happen to camels? Or do they just get thirstier and thirstier?

I dunno.

Here’s the one piece of information I can impart to you, though. Bactrian = two hump camels. Dromedary = one hump. Here’s how you remember them: two humps looks like a “B” for Bactrian, one hump looks like a “D” for Dromedary.

Don’t say I never taught you nothin’.

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