April 24th, 2003

Blog Defined

Okay, see, a “blog” is kind of like an online journal (“diary” seems so…feminine). Of course, since I’ve never been any good at keeping a pen-and-paper journal, we’ll just have to see how this goes.

Soon enough I plan to add links to things – pictures and so forth. Once I figure out how all of this works, I’ll change the design, too. Some of you are thinking, “Wow! I really like his new design! It’s better than anything I’ve seen him do before!” Well, thanks and all, but it’s not my design. It’s a cookie-cutter design provided by Blogger.com. So for those of you thinking that, consider me offended.

A week from tomorrow is my last day at Sayers. I’ve never stayed at a job longer than three years, and I wonder why. I was told just the other day (Monday) that a person graduating from college today can expect to have 7 different jobs after college. That leaves me with about 2 more to find the right one to keep. Yikes!

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