March 2nd, 2005

Maybe Someday…

It was about the time that joerules and I did a combined guest strip for Theater Hopper that I got to thinking about doing a webcomic. It’d be more correct to say that I’ve bounced around the idea for a long time but lacked two things: a belief that I could have semi-regular humorous thoughts and the ability to draw.

It hit me in the midst of our collaboration that I could maybe coerce someone into drawing if I had ideas…and then I had an idea. I won’t go into it (since I might eventually do it and I don’t want you to steal my idea), but I described it to Joe and he liked the idea and expressed some interest. We talked about doing a short-run thing and seeing how it went, and that’s where we left it. He was busy, I was still mulling ideas over.

That’s what I do: I mull things. To death. Currently simmering in my brain are fully-fleshed-out ideas for: a children’s book, a movie, a sitcom pilot, a novel, a (possibly money-making) website, and a webcomic. Total things put down on actual paper (or computer screen): about .5, all told. I’ve got the first page of the children’s book written, and a one-page description (treatment?) of the movie written.

Fast forward a few months. I really enjoy Joe’s art style. It’s fun, professional, and just darn good. I sent him a message and asked him what he would charge to do a comic portrait of me. In response, he sent me the following picture:

joerules Mupcomic

Turns out he had done this a few months ago when we first talked about the idea I had. I was blown away by it, and it renewed my mulling.

What’s your first thought when you see it? It fits my idea perfectly, but not in the most evident sense. That doesn’t make much sense, I know, but it would if you knew!

13 Comments on “Maybe Someday…”

  1. Brian Arnold says:

    That picture is just too awesome, man.

    I think of Scooby Doo.

  2. Danna the Sheepish says:


    I tried to go see if the pic had a file name, & then I saw your hosting site, so I plugged that in (NOSY????), & I LOVE IT, Mark. Real cute :oP

    Serves me right :oD

  3. MadMup says:

    I don't understand what you mean, Danna!

  4. Danna says:

    I cut & pasted the front portion of the pic link!! And you have your site programmed to say something like, "Hey, stop that!"

  5. Pixel says:

    It's Mup Drew! Or Nancy Mup? Hmm.

    Funny Funny stuff! I like it. Joe, does indeed, rule.

  6. MadMup says:

    Danna – Ah, yes. You were trying to directory snoop! For Shame!

    Pixel – So you can tell it's me? ;)

  7. Abe. says:

    I totally think about Ghostbusters :)

  8. Brian Arnold says:

    Mup said: "You were trying to directory snoop! For Shame!"

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :D

  9. MadMup says:

    Why do you think I put an index file in there? I knew what people like to do!

  10. Danna the, um, Detective says:

    Niiiice on the glass houses *high fives Brian* ;oP

    Mark's one step ahead of those of us who, um, open other people's medicine cabinets . . .

    not me

  11. Meags says:

    It's all prettified here! When did this happen?!

  12. Horizon The Purple says:

    "I have this brilliant idea. It's amazing, it's wonderful, you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life. I can't tell you what it is."

    Oh that's not frustrating. When I saw the pic I thought pretty much what everyone else thought. Ghostbusters maybe, Scooby Doo perhaps. Bad Voodoo? Oh for sure.

    I over think things too Mup, I have a book called "How to stop thinking and start living" but I'm still thinking about reading it (no joke)

  13. Starf says:

    I like the idea of you doing a comic Muppy. I think it would be hilarious!
    I'd back you up on it and definately try and do a guest comic.

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