May 23rd, 2007

My Weekend In Pictures

I took a trip this past weekend to visit my 20-year friends Josh and Dave (previous meeting chronicled here). Josh is moving to Colorado in a couple of weeks, so this was the last time we’ll easily be able to get together for a while. We met at Dave’s in Ohio and then I went to the Detroit area, spent the night at Josh’s, and came home Sunday afternoon.

There’s nothing quite like having friends you’ve had for twenty years or more – half our time was spent reminiscing about “that time we…” The three of us have been friends through some of our darkest days, and if ever we don’t communicate for a while, we’re able to pick back up like no time has passed. I love these guys and I’m better for knowing them.

Here are a few picture highlights from the weekend:

Sure, I went out there to meet my friends, but when a kitten’s this adorable, pictures must be taken!

Dave normally has a bunch of snakes in his basement, but for now he’s just got the one slightly-chewed salamander. Clarification: the salamander was chewed by Murphy, the older family cat, not by Dave or any of his kids.

I don’t remember what sort of knowledge Ella was trying to impart to Josh, but it looks like it was very important.

Seriously, how could dudes that look this young have been friends for more than twenty years?

Josh and Aundrea share a spare moment of relaxation after having gotten their five kids off to bed. It should be noted that this moment of relaxation didn’t happen until northwards of 11:00 p.m. Apparently, managing five kids is a lot of work. Who knew?

This has nothing to do with Josh and Dave, but this has amused me for years. I used to pass this sign occasionally for work, but hadn’t seen it in a couple of years. This weekend on my way home, I had to stop and take a picture. It’s one building, half of it is a furniture store and the other half is a funeral chapel. I’m guessing they had to put the sign up because one too many people looked at a coffin and said, “This’d look nice in the front room, wouldn’t it, honey?”

I also have three very short videos from the weekend up over at YouTube:

  • Reliving the glory days – Post Pattern
  • Not so much with the glory – The Running Back
  • The camera was set to “video” instead of “picture.” Oops. That’s Dave’s wife Angela that you’ll hear in the background, and that laughing you see us doing is pretty much what we do the whole time we’re together – 20-Year Friends

I still hate driving, but I’m glad I went.

April 29th, 2007

1.21 Gigawatts

Anyone from the Career Class who happened to miss Steven’s party last night might want to click here.

My only regret is that I don’t have video of Titus getting knocked tail over teakettle by a Dave-thrown football.

Good times.

February 20th, 2007

Career Class Party

This past Sunday night my church had “Ministry Options Night,” which is a fancy way of saying “no church.” It’s specifically meant to be a time when you can get together with family or friends and “fellowship,” which is church-speak for “hang out.”

The Career Class opted to have a get-together, hosted by Abby W. I took my new digital camera (a Canon PowerShot SD600, which I am loving) and told people to just go ahead and take random pictures throughout the evening. At the end of the night, there were a few more than 100 pictures taken.

Sure, it might be easier for you if I’d set up a gallery so you could see just the pictures you wanted to, but it was more fun for me to set it up as a video with music. Since this is my blog, I won out. Sorry. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time (but I doubt it).

The video comes in at a sorta-lengthy 7 minutes and 26 seconds, but it includes music from The White Stripes, Brian Wilson & Paul McCartney, and Randy Newman. So even if you don’t care to see the pictures, you could put it on in the background and listen to some nice music for a few minutes.