November 2nd, 2011

A New Hope

Normally it’s my nephew that’s all about the Star Wars. My niece is more into the Disney Princesses as a general rule. ┬áSo when I received the following drawing of hers, I was more than a little surprised.
Medal Ceremony

I mean, you see why I was surprised, right? It purports to be the end of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, but Chewbacca is clearly wearing a medal!

Well, being the good uncle that I am, I made sure to tell my brother that he should let her know that Chewie didn’t get a medal. I mean, if you let this kind of revisionism go, what’s next, right? Next thing you’ll know, she’ll have Greedo shooting first or some such nonsense. I just want her to grow up to be a Star Wars purist, and I’m sure my brother and his wife feel the same way.

Well, as it turns out, she gave Chewbacca a medal because she felt bad for him and felt he deserved a medal, too, so she gave him one. I guess I can deal with that.

Sweet kid.