April 25th, 2007


I’m not what you’d call a “clothes horse.” I dress for comfort. I feel best in jeans and T-shirts. I realize this does not make a person “hot” or “desirable,” but I’m okay with that. I prefer the comfort, thank you very much.

Circumstances conspired against me, however, and I needed to get a suit. I have a couple of suits (proof), but they no longer fit me because they have shrunk. *cough* So tonight, with the help of my friend Lee, I went suit shopping.

For those unaware, I offer this bit of knowledge: suits are expensive. I had no idea. Lee tried to prepare me for it, but I was sure he was talking “really expensive” suits. Nope. He was talking about your basic good quality suit.

Men’s Wearhouse happened to have this 2-for-1 deal, so really, I shouldn’t complain. It was strange for me, though, to walk out of there with nothing to show for my payment except a receipt. They’re tailoring the suits for me, so I need to go back and get them.

So now I need your help picking out a tie. I spent enough on the suits that I didn’t feel I could spend any extra on a tie right now. Maybe later. We’ll see how this goes. So here is a picture of the best of my bad lot of ties:

Hopefully you can see the colors well enough. I don’t have a picture of the suits, but for now imagine a charcoal gray as you’re making your choice.

I thank you in advance for your help, as this sort of thing is way beyond my sphere of comfort.

Thanks for your help, Lee.


EDIT: Someone hated all my tie choices so much that they PayPaled me some money and said “Get yourself a new tie.” That, my friends, tells you volumes about my taste in clothes – it engenders such strong feelings in others that they have to help fix it.

(Thanks, anonymous donator. I’ll try not to let you down!)

February 16th, 2004

I…I…I’m Speechless…

Over at BBspot.com they’re running a little poll entitled “Most Dangerous to Society?” Here are the results so far:


Atkin’s Diet: 39.71%

Mega-Corporations: 20.67%

People Named Mark: 18.76%

Black Jelly Beans: 9.33%

Janet Jackson’s Breast: 8.76%

Beer: 2.00%

Violent Video Games: 0.76%

I don’t know what to say to this. Apparently I’m more dangerous to society than Janet Jackson’s breast, black jelly beans, and beer combined. Only when you add violent video games to the list do I get surpassed.

I wonder if it matters that I like black jelly beans and violent video games…

UPDATE: Now I’m only more dangerous than black jelly beans and Janet Jackson’s breast. Add anything else in there and it surpasses me.