May 13th, 2008

Iron Man Review

It’s actually been a very long time since I wrote a game review. Too long.

After seeing the Iron Man movie on opening day, I was pumped enough to go rent the videogame. While everyone else in the known universe was playing Grand Theft Auto IV, I was flying around and catching missiles. To each his own. I had to actually rent the game a second time to get all the way through it, but did finally have success.

My review of the game is here.

And if you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to go by yourself, I’d go see it again. Totally.

November 28th, 2007

Game Reviews

Two more for you:

  • Guitar Hero III – More of the same, but a little bit more difficult and a few stupid things thrown in.
  • Rock Band – Two people on guitars, one on drums, and one on vocals. I basically need other people to play this game with me. This one is the winner by far.

As usual, you’re more than welcome to come over and play these with me most any time.

November 8th, 2007

More Reviews

I know these are the least-commented-on posts, but I’ve also had people say that my links to reviews have helped them decide on stuff, and that coupled with my “if I post them, I can find them later” mindset means I’ll probably keep posting them. Just don’t read them if you don’t like them, I guess :)

I’ve had a lot more on my plate lately, review-wise. Here’s the list of stuff I’m working on (which I guess means I’m giving you sneak previews of posts you aren’t interested in, which creates all kinds of surreall meta-ness):

  • We Are Marshall (DVD) – This one is waaaaaaay late already :(
  • Sega Rally Revo (Xbox 360) – Due tomorrow!
  • Amazing Grace (DVD) – A movie about William Wilberforce’s attempts to outlaw slavery in England.
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary (Xbox 360) – Still my favorite series of all time.
  • Flatout Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360) – Sounds gory and violent, but isn’t. It’s a racing game with crashing elements. Hmm. Some people would call crashing “violent,” I guess.
  • Guitar Hero III (PS2) – Haven’t gotten this one in the mail yet.

See what you have to look forward to?