October 27th, 2010

Mrs. Reid

I received news that my kindergarten teacher passed away this morning.  She had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the outlook wasn’t good, but I didn’t realize she was so far along.

In my Kindergarten memories post, I said, “I’ll never forget my Kindergarten teacher as long as my brain works.”  She was one of those people that you’ll always remember. No amount of description will really give someone who didn’t know her a complete picture of her, but she left an indelible impression on me.

It’s a funny feeling knowing that everyone else who ever had her as a teacher will be feeling pretty much the exact same mix of feelings I am today – a sadness mixed with a shaking-of-the-head smiling joy at memories of her.

Thank you, Mrs. Reid, for getting me started off in school in an unforgettable fashion.  There will always be a big gold star next your name on my list.

2 Comments on “Mrs. Reid”

  1. YoBro says:

    Spot-on, MadMup. Completely with you on this one, and had both of those feelings this morning as I dropped the kids off at the school where we had Mrs. Reid for kindergarten.
    For me, the other weird recollection is when I came back here to teach and would be at teachers’ conventions and meet her there– despite the passage of time, I found myself feeling kindergartenish all over again. (Minus the paste-wasting and huge pencil.)

  2. d4v34x says:

    Ah, yes. The gold star.

    I think the phrase “eternal reward” is most appropriate in this case.

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