April 25th, 2008

Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered my Fifth Year Anniversary Contest. I think maybe I’d have gotten more responses had I offered a new car or Wal-Mart gift cards instead of Star Wars DVDs and MadMup.com gear. Something to keep in mind for the next contest, I guess.

The actual numbers are as follows: 675 blog entries and 72 articles written for DEN. I don’t know whether to be surprised or disappointed or proud of those numbers, but there they are.

The surprising thing is that the closest guess was only 2 off! My Oregon friend Bonnie guessed 673, and she was so confident of her guess that she didn’t even put in a tiebreaker guess. Her gamble paid off! Bonnie, contact me about whether you’d like the Star Wars DVDs or some MadMup.com gear!

In second place was “The Obscure,” whose identity is known only by a select few. Once Bonnie lets me know her choice, I’ll let him know what his guess of 700 has earned him.

Thanks again for participating, and thanks for reading. You’re always welcome back.

2 Comments on “Contest Winners”

  1. theo b. scure says:

    w00t! Coffee mug, baby!

  2. Brian Arnold says:

    This is what I get for slackin'. I don't think I realized that the contest was ending so soon! I stink.

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