February 3rd, 2007

I Can’t Stop

Last night was a big night: I watched my first movie of the year.

Sure, that might not seem like a big deal to you, but last year I watched 371 movies, an average of 31 a month. I decided to try going a month without watching any movies, you know, just to see. It went fine. I watched a bit more TV and read a bit more and.. other stuff, I guess.

But yesterday was a new month, so I thought I’d watch a movie. Since it was so momentous, it couldn’t be just any movie, it had to be an awesome movie.

It had to be Batman.

It also kind of felt like this was the sort of event that needed to be shared with people. I put forth the idea of having some people over and was encouraged to do so. An announcement was made, plans were put in motion, snacks were purchased, the whole deal. And, wonder of wonders, seven people from the Career Class at church showed up.

I like to think that many of you who read the site here like to do so because my foibles and quirks make you feel better about your own, either by making yours feel less severe in comparison or make you feel less alone in your similar ones. To that end, I feel I should confess the following:

I talk during movies.

Constantly. Non-stop. And the thing is, I hate that I do it! It’s always the stupidest stuff! Here are the gems I subjected them to last night:

  • The guy playing Gordon and the guy playing Alfred are the only two actors in all four of the Batman movies.
  • She was married to Mick Jagger.
  • Hey, Wendy, does his tie go with that shirt?
  • How old were you all in 1989? (The most surprising answer: “Five.” Seriously!)
  • Best. Batmobile. Ever.
  • That right there is when a million boys fell in love with Vicki Vale. (When she showed up onscreen.)
  • Here’s what was wrong with the sequel, Batman Returns: 1) Batman TWO should have been about Two-Face! Hello! 2) Too many villians, too much going on. 3) More origins were messed with.
  • He had that light installed in the Batmobile just in case someone was going to be sitting in the passenger’s seat and he needed to blind them.
  • Watch his utility belt when he looks up at the helicopter – see it move? Why didn’t they reshoot that?
  • I hate this part because it messes up the whole origin of Batman! The Joker DID NOT kill Bruce Wayne’s parents!!!
  • This movie is just to get you in the mood for Prince in the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • Batman wouldn’t have killed The Joker – it’s what he does! He spares villians! He makes it a point not to kill villians!
  • Iconic hero shot coming right up! Wait for it… there!

See? See what I mean about it being inane? And this is just a small sampling.

I need some sort of help.

A big thanks to Matt, Marshall, Wendy, Melissa, Lee, Jeannie, and Eric for coming to my inaugural movie night and for not killing me.

19 Comments on “I Can’t Stop”

  1. M. Kate says:

    While, I have to make it known that I believe we're using the term "masterpiece" rather loosely, when describing this movie, it was funny to see how much the guys got into it. I only wonder if they would make the same sacrifice of their time for us? Hmmm…maybe Pride and Prejudice?

  2. BNick says:

    I know we've discussed this before, and that you disagree, but I think Begins stands up to repeat viewings much better than the '89 one does. I do love the Keaton Batman though.

  3. MadMup says:

    MK – I'd be there for that one, too. And I'd still talk through it, too.

    BN – Begins is the better Batman movie, for sure, but Batman's more fun.

  4. ZiggyTQuirk says:

    I'm never watching a movie with you ever. EVAH.

  5. Marshall says:

    Oh ya, I'd definitely talk through Pride and Prejudice ;-)
    My sister always got mad at me cause I'd talk during a movie and point out all the ridiculous stuff.

  6. Gretchen says:

    Yeah, Mark, that's something I remember about you, but since you're sort of an expertish on these movies, you probably talk during them so enhance the viewing thereof. I can't say I remember ever minding it. As long as it's not the first time EVERYBODY has seen it. That would be kinda annoying. Once I took this 9-year-old to see the 3rd Star Wars and he had watched it about a million times because his brother pirated it off the internet, so he LOUDLY whispered/spoke through the whole thing in the movie theatre. And he was flanked by grown-ups (my friend Misty was also there) so he said everything twice. It went like this:

    "Mith Gretchen" (he had a lisp) "thee how he jutht blowth that guy away? AWETHOME!"
    Me: "mm-hmm. . . shh, buddy"
    "Mith Mithty, thee how he jutht blowth that guy away? AWETHOME!"
    Misty: "Yep, be quiet, sweetie, those old people are getting really mad"

  7. Coach C says:

    Jeannie, remember that guy named Matt O. who was a jr. counselor with us? He always wore "batman" shirts and tried to get the campers to call him "batman". I think it was '89 or '90. I always think of him during the commercial where the guy says, "I am batman."

  8. Kenthe2 says:

    I agree with Gretchen. If there are people who've never seen the movie, it's nice to have quiet. But if we've all seen it, Madmup, you can talk through any movie with me. I enjoy giving and receiving little tidbits of trivia during a good movie. Now, if my wife and my mother want to discuss sewing during a movie, that's another story.

  9. TheBon says:

    I was 8 in 1989. And at home viewing of a movie that I've seen a million times, the talking doesn't bother me. Or, if the movie is spectacularly bad we'll MST3K through it.

  10. Coach C says:

    Most people that I watch movies with, don't talk much. I don't. The worst that Sarah does, is she sometimes will answer her phone and not go to the other room while the movie is playing. Very annoying. ..but that is the worst thing she does. I can live with it.

  11. wendles says:

    The "movie-talking" not quite as annoying as I expected, so no worries. And just to make sure we're all clear :stripes + polka dots = bad fashion.

  12. Lorelei says:

    Now the question is: Can you come from behind…. out of your deficit …and beat your 2006 movie record????

  13. G-Knee says:

    Josh, Yeah I remember…and his sister Elsie, I wonder what happened to them. I also recall Mark Mujwid wearing a Batman T-shirt and spandex….and he drove a Beretta…he was SOOOOOO hot….unlike double-breasted suit man Josh :) love ya like a brother now, though!!

    Mark – thanks for having us over….sorry for terroizing the cats…I just want them to remember me SOOOO badly. :( I think Nutmeg wanted to remember me…she rubbed up against my foot briefly.

    And I agree with M-Cat that syrup candle was potent.

  14. Kim says:

    Talking through movies doesnt bother me unless you do it like Scott does: he waits until the part he is interested in is over, then he talks over the part Im interested in. However, I were to talk over his part, Id get straight up karate chopped.

  15. Petey says:


    Seriously? A Beretta? What's hot about a Beretta? There's nothing cool about a Beretta!!!

    Sorry – rant off.

  16. G-Knee says:

    Pete – it was lik 1986 or 1987…the Beretta had just come out…and it was Seafoam Green with Pink details…he was HOT!

  17. Petey says:

    Seafoam Green with Pink decals!?!?!?

    Even worse!!!!


  18. Dana says:

    So Mel let's have a Pride and Prejudice viewing. I own the movie….I think it is a swell idea. I am being completley serious too.

  19. mrross says:

    Haven't there been five Batman movies? I must be mistaken…

    I'm glad you had such a good time with your friends. :)

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