January 9th, 2007

2006 In Review

Here’s what my 2006 looked like, according to my blog:


  • Created webcam archive site
  • Mom and Dad’s great cat Zumba put to sleep because of health problems.
  • Announced intentions to start School Memories series


  • Started School Memories series with a bang: Kindergarten through Fifth Grade


  • Went to Lansing, Michigan, went to a Chocolate Festival there.
  • School Memories: Sixth and Seventh Grades
  • My third collaborative comic with Joerules was published at Theater Hopper.
  • Went to Wisconsin for my Dad’s 60th birthday.
  • Sold my minivan (The entry title, “Call Me Vincent,” was a pun on “Vincent Van Gogh,” as in “van go bye-bye,” but this went mostly unnoticed. It was probably for the best.)
  • Started driving my mom’s Cadillac


  • Got an email from GV from Partners In Kryme! about my post on the lyrics to his group’s song from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. There’s no guarantee it was the actual guy, but I like to think it was.
  • School Memories: Eighth Grade and Elementary Wrap-Up


  • Turned 34
  • Watched my 153rd movie of the year (Serenity)
  • Used Crest Whitestrips in preparation for Mike & Meags’ wedding
  • Had a bird in my server room at work.


  • Bought an iPod (but didn’t talk about it until July)
  • Went to Canada for Mike & Meags’ wedding. LOVED it.
  • Had Tim Hortons hot chocolate in Canada. LOVED it.
  • Met my 20-year friends Dave and Josh in Sturgis, Michigan for dinner
  • Went to a Sheryl Crow concert in Indianapolis. LOVED it.
  • School Memories: Ninth Grade
  • Watched Superman Returns, felt it was the best Superman movie I’d ever seen


  • Recorded my Snakes on a Plane song
  • Ed Horn passed away
  • School Memories: Tenth Grade
  • Met some THorumites in Indianapolis, including Brian (for the first time), Angela (for the second time), and Andelyn (for the first time). Didn’t actually talk about it until August, though.


  • Overdrew my stupid checking account.
  • Bought Steel Magnolias and got made fun of for it
  • Ran with scissors
  • Bought a moleskine. I still haven’t written a single word in it. Anyone surprised by this?


  • Read Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and was completely fascinated by it.
  • Went to Dallas, Texas, to meet people and watch a Cowboys game
  • Met Brian (for the second time) and his wife Lisa (for the first time). Brian’s one of my best friends and it was great to meet him twice this year and get to meet Lisa, too. I hope there’ll be many more meetings in years to come.
  • Went to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and learned a bunch about the JFK assassination
  • Met Teri, the Cynical Tyrant. There are some people you meet that you immediately wish you could be friends with. Teri’s one of those people.
  • Watched the Cowboys beat the Redskins, 27-10


  • Got new glasses
  • Made up a Norman Bates joke
  • Bought a new travelin’ bag. The entry title, “Call Me Papa,” was a callback to the song “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” but this, too, was mostly overlooked. This, too, was probably for the best.
  • Started to think about moving


  • Created an “about me” crossword puzzle
  • Got a new-to-me car, gave Mom back her Cadillac
  • Sold my iPod, bought a Zune (didn’t talk about it until December, though)
  • Got locked out of my Yahoo!/Flickr accounts for a couple of weeks
  • Filmed a commercial which never aired (didn’t talk about it until December)


  • Finished School Memories series with Eleventh and Twelfth Grades
  • Attended art shows
  • Used a review of Grosse Pointe Blank as a plea for a second chance
  • My next-door neighbors moved out
  • Traveled to Wisconsin for family Christmas
  • Watched my 371st movie of the year

In some ways, 2006 was a huge year for me – traveling all over and meeting new people isn’t my usual cup of tea. In other ways, seeing everything boiled down to bullet points like this makes it seem like not much happened. I either need to blog more or do more. Maybe I should do more and then blog more.

I hope your 2006 was good and I hope your 2007 will be even better!

4 Comments on “2006 In Review”

  1. Kim says:

    I think I may have mentioned this before, but I bought Stiff based purely on your praise for it and LOVE it. I actually picked it up again on Sunday night and started reading it.

  2. HorizonPurple says:

    Big year for Mupfeatures!

    Which means … 2007 has to be even BIGGER

    Which means road truip across the Nullabor! Come on over, the snakes are pointy!

  3. the obscure says:

    I would have avoided this entry entirely if I were you, as it is sure to result in a new wave of torment for having purchased the movie the New Yorker called "2 hours of fingernails scraping a chalkboard."

  4. M. Kate says:

    you (caucasian male) seriously own Steal Magnolias? mark, mark, mark

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