November 3rd, 2005

FIFA 06 Review

You’ll find it here, if you’re looking for it.

It’s been a long time since I played a videogame for fun. I don’t really count World of Warcraft, since it’s more of a lifestyle choice. I think a lot of it is because I haven’t seen a game I had an overwhelming urge to buy and play. And I heard just recently that they’ve pushed the next Tomb Raider game back until next year. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I was looking forward to that.

You probably need to know this about me: I’ve played every Tomb Raider game there’s been, and I’ve finished all but two of them. In fact, I only bought the original PlayStation because Tomb Raider II didn’t get released on the Sega Saturn. I also hate it when they add new abilities in the game and take away ones I’m used to. Frankly, when I like a game, I want the sequel to just be like playing more of the game. I seem to be alone in that regard, and sales of the Tomb Raider games haven’t been all that great the last few times out. The next one looks all revamped and stuff, but I’m still psyched about it. Now I have to wait :(

Also, I won’t be getting an Xbox 360 at launch. As much as I want one (the fancy version, not the lame cheaper one!), I just can’t afford it. I’ve got more bills than I know what to do with and Christmas is coming, so I need to save for gifts. Plus, I really need a bed and a new couch.

Oh, well, right?

So, there’s your review of FIFA 06 in case you were planning to buy it.

3 Comments on “FIFA 06 Review”

  1. bd says:

    Monk makes you play soccer games? He's an evil, evil man isn't he?

  2. MadMup says:

    I actually volunteered for it! I've played some in the past that I enjoyed.

    I know you just lost all respect for me.

  3. hp says:

    I haven't, if it counts.

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