October 10th, 2005

The List

Because, apparently, this is needed, I hereby give you the list of occupations wherein it is absolutely necessary that those employed therein wash their hands after using the restroom:

  • Absolutely every possible occupation there ever was or ever will be, no exceptions. People who don’t work are also included in this list.

This has been a public service announcement from MadMup.com.

3 Comments on “The List”

  1. HP says:

    I worked at a supermarket with a girl who I neveronce saw wash her hands. Then she'd scan unwrapped fruit. Because she was nasty.

  2. Brandyoldfashion says:

    But isn't it just so cute to have workers running around with long fingernails and a bushel of dirt under each one!

  3. The obscure says:

    I am going on a hand-washing strike in protest of the following:
    1)Your weird obsessions
    2)The fascist tone of this post
    3)wherein/therein usage
    4)Being hassled by "the man".
    Day one starts now.

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