June 7th, 2005

LEGO Star Wars Review

My first review in a long time is up over at DEN. I would consider it a personal favor if you would read it.

8 Comments on “LEGO Star Wars Review”

  1. Meags says:

    I got Mike to buy it yesterday, and we're having a blast with it so far. Of course, today he started a new job so I'm all alone with the XBox.. hehe!

  2. Brian Arnold says:

    When did Mike get a functional Xbox again? Is it back on Xbox Live? If so, we should get a game going at some point.

    As for the review, I quite like it. I'm surprised no screen shots were added to it though (which I know isn't something you do, but the editors after the fact). I'll have to rent this game at some point.

  3. Kim says:

    My brother actually rented this game the other day, and I was very excited. I LOVE LEGO games. My all time favorite computer game is LEGO Racing, because I have a steering wheel and pedals that hook up to my computer, and that game is just all around fun.
    Mmm LEGO.

  4. AitchPe says:

    "Can get Jar Jar killed, but still can not kill him yourself"

    *falls off chair laughing*

  5. MadMup says:

    It's become kind of a "thing" with the newest Star Wars games about whether or not you can toast Jar Jar. :) There was actually one game (I don't remember which one) where you could kill Gungans, and people were thrilled.

    Next up: Ewok grilling!

  6. Meags says:

    Mike's XBox can't connect to Live, but it can play without freezing sometimes! Yay! He's patiently awaiting the release of the new XBox.

  7. John Clark says:

    If someone would build a PC game about blasting secondary characters, it would sell like crazy.

    Very well-written review, Mup.

  8. MadMup says:

    Thanks, JC!

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