April 28th, 2005

Incentive Sketch

Here’s the picture Tom drew of Joe and I:

Joe & Mup

This sketch is, of course, based on the Wonder Twins. For those not familiar with the Wonder Twins, they were a lame addition to the Super Friends cartoon waaaaaay back in the day. They’d smack their fists together and say, “Wonder Twin powers… ACTIVATE!” and then one of them would say “Form of…a leopard!” and the other one would say “Form of…rain!” and then they’d change into a leopard and rain, respectively. One was always an animal and one was always some form of water. I think the boy (Zan) was the water person and the girl (Zayna) was the animal person. Sure, the writers got creative and let Zan turn into things like an “ice Maserati” or a “steam bowtie,” but it was still lame. Zayna at least got to change into any animal she wanted, fantastical or not. Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal? She could so do that if she wanted.

Anyway, I thought the sketch was fun. I like seeing cartoon versions of myself for some reason. Some day maybe I’ll post all the cartoon variants of myself I’ve collected. That might be fun.

7 Comments on “Incentive Sketch”

  1. Angie says:

    I love seeing myself drawn.

    It's only happened… once, I believe, but I love it.

    I think it's because you're seeing someone else's view of yourself, not just yours. Kinda how we all look different in pictures, than we do in the mirror…

  2. Sad Kim says:

    I imagine Id love it, but no one has ever drawn me.

  3. hp says:

    It's almost scary how much you know about the Wonder Twins Mup. Also, I'm so tempted to draw you now.

  4. d4v34x says:

    I thought it was Jan and Jayna.

  5. Peter C. Hayward says:

    I've never been drawn either.

  6. Starf says:

    I honestly love that sketch. It looks like the both of you, and it's in the perfect Tom style. I like it alot!

  7. Rascal says:

    Mup's lucky, he's got 3 drawings of him by Tom now, I think.
    He was in a Comic once, now an INcentive Sketch, and he has one of the fancy Donation Special Avatars Tom drew.

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