November 10th, 2004

A Retrospective

Over at the THorum, we have a webcam portal. Basically that means members can include a link to their webcam pictures and other members can see them all in one (usually) happy place. The idea is to change it frequently so as to keep people’s attentions.

Turns out, I’ve got 26 pictures in the archive. I thought I’d use this program to put together a video of them.

Here’s the video. It’s 2.7M and it has audio, so be careful at work or wherever you don’t want to awaken people. The song is “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day, and it is one of my most favorite songs ever. It immediately infuses a semi-sad feeling of nostalgia on whatever is happening along with it. I first became aware of the song when they played it over a video montage in the clip show preceding the Seinfeld finale, so I always think of it as “the Seinfeld song.”

So, anyway, enjoy.

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