June 1st, 2004



I know how to make web pages – I’ve been doing it off and on for about seven years now. HTML makes sense to me. No, I don’t know Java and Javascript and CSS, but I can still make a basic HTML page and be happy with my work.

Blogger, though, has created their own little HTML codes for all the specialized little things that go into making a blog a blog, and I can’t get them to work right and look the way I want them to in my own design.

So the upshot is – no redesign for you. Nor for me. The “Come back – one year” is implied.

I know this site isn’t attractive at all – you’re very kind to keep coming back. I could (and probably will) switch to a different supplied-by-Blogger template. They recently added several new ones that look decent – way better than this one at any rate.

Would it be so difficult for someone to make a Blogger-specific web design program? Macromedia Dreamweaver is a wonderful program – couldn’t someone desing an add-on that let you insert Blogger-specific tags as easily as the “bold” and “italics” tags?

And for all of you who are about to suggest I move to “Moveable Type” or some such thing – don’t bother. I’ve got just over 200 posts on here, and I don’t want to go through them all to transfer it over. Besides, there’s a lot I like about Blogger, I just wish it were easier to design my own page.

Just another wonderful thing to slap on top of an already wonderful weekend.

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