April 16th, 2004

Queen Amidala

I have a smart cat. Dala will be 5 (I think) in August, and she’s always been great.

The other day she was meowing at me and hanging around me and being a pest. I had just fed them and I knew they had water, so I kept telling her to go away. She just kept at it, though, with this worried look on her face. She left me after a bit, and I got up to go do something and I figured out what her deal was.

Nutmeg, the not-as-smart cat, had somehow gotten herself trapped under an overturned laundry basket. Not only that, but she had pushed it from one room to the next, unable to extricate herself. Dala was perched safely atop her mini-tower, obviously concerned.

I freed Nutmeg, after much laughter, and then petted Dala for several minutes, extolling her virtues all the while.

This has happened before – Dala’s tried to tell me something, but I didn’t heed her until later. I guess I need to follow her around like she was Lassie. People could be trapped in wells!

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